First, let’s be clear: no web traffic profits here.  This blog is simply for enjoyment. Okay?  Hopefully any spammers have moved on now…

So, welcome to my About page, and thanks for taking an interest in my writing! The blog title, WhatsUpWithStoney, derives from comments of friends and family checking my status updates, which began to fill with zany descriptions I’d write about my everyday life.  Although I have tamed my posts somewhat since I began writing here, I have set my Facebook  profile to accommodate any non-friend  subscribers  (for public posts only) and readers can even follow me on Twitter , where I still toss out occasional, short observations in my free time. 

“Stoney” may deserve some explanation as well. I recommend you look elsewhere if you were expecting a drug reference of any sort; indeed, I have an overactive mind without any help. Rather, this nickname and my real first name “Stonewall”  were a gift from a good man, Army buddy to my father and godfather to me, now deceased.  Simply out of respect for the privacy of his surviving family, I am not disclosing his identity.  However, my parents speak highly of him and I know he received his name in honor of the famous Southern general, Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson.

THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION …. I plan to write about  this blog’s content, so anyone interested can check back soon.


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