Life is a gradual series of events we generally consider unrelated until in hindsight we have time to notice connections.  Habits, routines, relationships …all grow in a positive fashion with time well spent, and all are equally strained when the balance in our life shifts.  Lately I have been away from home, family and my writing due to a radical change in my available time.  My day job is experiencing a short-term influx of extra work, and I am reaping the benefit in overtime, to the tune of basically double shifts for a few weeks including nearly unheard of weekends.  We have just slowed for a slight lull and expect to gear up full throttle again soon.  I am fortunate this pause coincides with my wife’s schedule, we are off together for both days this weekend. So, for now I am catching up on bills, sleep and quality time before the next wave hits.  In the grand scheme it is a brief intermission, not a Sabbatical from my writing, and I do hope to return soon.  Thank you for reading, pray we make the most of this season …and don’t adjust that dial, as Arnold says, “I’ll be back.”


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  1. I realized I never responded to the comment you left on my blog quite a while ago. Thank you. I haven’t done a lot of reading on yours yet, but so far I think it’s great.

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