Nothing criminal, just a beginning

Quick online search and registration, soon typing an impromptu blog entry …really nothing premeditated. (Some legal terms seem to pop up in the strangest places!)  Was an avid reader in my youth, more sci-fi and fantasy than anything, though still recall some mysteries like Encyclopedia Brown, even Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.  These days find me more inclined to watch television, including the occasional CSI episode with Joan.   Last summer we were blessed with a home within our price range and soon added a computer with internet access …the means with which to reach out.  Since then, social media has connected me with family, friends, fellow high school alumni, even folks from my early childhood …their encouraging remarks soon providing good motive for a would be writer. Now the odd timing of a poker night, sleepover elsewhere, and wife’s weekend to work have left me with the house to myself awhile tonight …opportunity at last. For those vaguely familiar with law, we’ve just seen means, motive and opportunity …often considered three key elements of a crime. What’s up with Stoney? Glad the act of blogging is nothing criminal, just a beginning for the writer inside me.  Hope to connect and entertain, look forward to your readership …and thanks, Glenda, for the blog’s title!



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4 responses to “Nothing criminal, just a beginning

  1. Travis C.

    Are you goin to write a mystery novel? You know we come up with some pretty wild ideas at work. Keep me posted on it.

  2. Maybe someday… but not in the near future.
    Thank you, Travis, for commenting here and sounding board at work 🙂
    Check in anytime, about to try that next idea…. [please, no spoilers]

  3. Stoney, Stoney, Stoney

    Bravo! The Lawnmower Blog grabbed right a hold of me and I wanted to know what the mower was going to do next! With that opening you could give Stephen King a run for his…. Words? Looking forword to the next, What’s Up!


    • Glenda, thanks for the support !!! I am still working out the time management details of brain storming, editing and administrating a blog, but the next draft is in the works. Hopefully this exercise will help me develop the steady practice routine necessary to truly hone any skill, including writing, and get me comfortable enough to continue toward writing a book or something. Meanwhile, I am having fun doing this, especially sharing with my friends and family, so stay tuned… -Stoney

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